We love to make music using crazy old 1970s synths and things like talk boxes, theremins, flutes and mellotrons. Bobby is from the band Does It Offend You Yeah?

We write and record all of our songs and film and edit all of our videos ourselves.

We believe in working hard to create art and then giving you the choice to pay or take it for free. We believe that music fans will support us either with donations or patronage or buying the album when it’s released on iTunes.

We think Patreon is the future of digital art and music. Crowd-funding with Patreon means bands like us can bypass the industry of music. We’re not an industrial product. We create art and love doing it. With Patreon you can help fund us and get the music long before everyone else. You’ll also get access to the HEKSAGONS feed and get things like podcasts, video messages, remixes, credits, puppet shows…

Join our gang.


We love you.

Bobby & Hinhin xx